Tuesday, 12 October 2010

All new things.

2nd Year Begins
New project, opted for the lovely topic of Cancer,
not ultimately certain why, but I'm sure there are some deeply depressed sub-conscious memories lurking in my brains crevices.

Enjoying painting on MDF at the moment, so just bashed out a couple of lungs to get used to paint again.

Ultimately my practise is going to be sourced from cancer cells, how they are given their physical representation by the scientists that view them, and the technology and process that is used in capturing their images.

I plan on some 3D work happening, and have been on contact with a flockers in attempts to create this light absorbent skin like quality on some cells that I plan to cast in clay and plaster and then recast in a rubber or resin.

I'm also going to play with the idea of scale, and attempt to but these insignificant cells into a landscape on a larger scale, and as a contrast to that, make drawings so tiny and detailed that they can only be seen with a magnifying glass.

But for now, all I got is lungs.


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