Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ones from Ugg

Nothing more than

 Well, Jades onion went mouldy because she is pure filth, and I was looking at it, and I thought it was appropriate for some of the visual images that I'm using at the minute. Mould/bacteria/filth/disease/cancer... all of a similar ilk, and it made me think about how some of my earlier paintings had actually potentially and accidentally looked like onions.

 Thinking about it, my paintings bug me. These ones anyway. Making them can be annoying. You have to get your board, prime it about 5 times (on both sides so that it doesn't bend and buckle went the paint dries). Wait for it to be perfectly dry with each coat of primer and sand it down in between.
THEN: Coat it with the base coat of colour I want- like in these ones Blue or Pink. That usually needs 2 or 3 bashes as well.
Then you but the 2nd colour on (that may look like I have shut my eyes and delved into a box and lucky dipped the thing, it is actually a careful process of testing and selecting) and carefully painting that on in the shape I like and feel looks good- usually needs going over 2 or 3 times as well so its nice and blocky and vibrant. In these cases, that 2nd colour is the Yellow or the Orange.
Finally, I begin the tedious task of putting on all the black outlining, which there is no quick and cheaty way to do. This consists of me, a pot of black acrylic, a paint brush that has about 3 hairs on it, and a lung full of fag breaks.

THEREFORE! Dawning on me that the layering is like an ONION!

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