Saturday, 20 August 2011

Let the women folk chat.

So I found all these drawings everywhere on scraps of paper, break rotas, in my diary, on receipts, tissues, cigarette packets, magazines.... that I have only vague recollections of doing when I worked at a call centre over Easter. Most Hellish place on earth. It's weird what your brain does all by itself whilst. So I dunno, intrigued by them a bit.

In other news, these are 2 possible sketches for a free hanging painting I'm gonna do when I can get back in the studio, I'm thinking 6feet high x 4.5 feet wide. The purple is gonna be a really deep moody purple, and the grey, something a few shades lighter than slate grey.

It's actual a portrait of someone I met a few months ago. "Portrait" ha.

I have a little theory I'm working on about people... and how this is a representation of this particular person.... but I'm gonna wait and see how the painting works out before I reveal the crazy. I'm prepared to look like a nutter if it's amazing, if not, I will keep my theory quiet. How mysterious.
 It's a really good theory, but if doesn't translate well into a painting, it's worth shit.

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