Friday, 4 May 2012

Don't talk to girls they'll break your heart.

3 x 12mm MDF Panels
173cm x 100cm in total
High Gloss Primed.
Mixed Media, Acrylic, Emulsion and Varnish.

I'm really liking the direction of the work at the moment.
The subtleties in this piece really don't communicate in a photograph- patterning on the white of the central panel, and the left panel has sections of gloss and matt, really messes with your eyes.
Theres alot of detail in the yellow varnish too.

The right panel is the original painting and once the paint was applied I couldn't touch it! It was too perfect to work into- so I worked around.  Picking out piece of the painting that I liked and replicating them by hand with errors. Theres a nice conversation going on between the spontaniety of painting and the huan error factor when trying to replicate something.
This Bad-Boy might just be one for the show......

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  1. this is the one for the show!!!beautiful!!