Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lead Free

The four pieces I selected for the show. My shitty photgraphy doesn't do them justice as far as I'm concerned. I really like this body of work. The degree show came at a good time for me.

122cm x 122cm
12mm MDF
Varnish, Pigment and Gloss
Cardiac is on a hint of yellow gloss ground, with a very subtle yellow strip on the right edge. The colours in the flesh are so saturated, something I managed to achieve by making my own paints from water based varnishies, colourants and pigments. The two little perfect drips make this paiting for me personally.
The textures in the middle where I've used a technique I developed of applying water based and oil based varnishes which don't mix to create this whirlwind of colour. It's also about knowing which paints are haevier- what's going to settle underneath and what will be left on top.

Double Penetration
122cm x 122cm
12mm MDF
Varnish, Pigment, Gloss and Acrylic
Accidental double Penis painting here, flesh tone colour doesn't help! But let people decide what they see! (That's why all my titles are just nicknames- what I call them to identify them in my mind, I don't want to tell people what they're looking at- they can decide).
Used some irridecent medium in the blue section here, to make a bit of a different texture- has a night time sky kind of effect. Subtleties of this painting are totally lost in this photgraph- subtle white lines in matte (gloss white background) around the fleshy coloured areasact as a highlighter, some areas of the bllue varnished multiple times so they just gleam when you see them. 

122cm x 122cm
12mm MDF
Varnish, Pigment and Silk
 The most recent painting, but the crowds favourite apparantly! Like a rorschach test. This ones a bit difficult for me as it's so fresh, hard to know what I think as I spent hardly anytime with it in the studio. It had a perfect gloss bubble, like a crystal, that sadly got crushed in transit.
The colours on this one are incredibly pure and combine in to eacother beautifully.

Buffalo Soldier
122cm x 122cm
12mm MDF
Varnish, Gloss and Acrylic.
Buffalo Soldier is on a hint of blue ground, so with the strong red and the yellow varnish it's the three primary colours. I just love the purity of the red, how virbrant and bold it is, and when combined with the strong form that the paint makes......
I responded very subtlely to this one in particular, and whilst it was one of the first to be finished remains one of my favourites. It was so strong it really needed very little in way of response, the blue line at the bottom is incredibly faint on the round, and the few lines I put on are just a small exentuation of the form that's already in place.
The yellow varnish achieved the exact affect I wanted it to. When left to dry for the right amount of time and at the right thickness it will take on it's own pattern and crinkle and pucker and make this absolutely brilliant pattern.

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