Friday, 15 October 2010

Frieze Art Fair

Frieze Art Fair 2010.....

Frankly, David Shrigley STOLE the show, he had a whole room dedicated to him for his whimsical taxidermy and faux naif drawings, absolutely LOVED it!
But honestly, I was pretty under whelmed by the whole thing, I felt I saw a lot of things that I had already seen, and already knew that I liked, but I don't feel that I saw anything new, or learnt anything new.

I've picked out a few things that I really liked though, the "I'm Dead" Dog
a David Shrigley, amazing!!!
And these flowers here are Marc Quinn, which I was really surprised by, obviously Quinn is most famous for "Self" and his sort of grotesque gold sculptures of Kate Moss and Michael Jackson. I found these enormous flowers absolutely stunning and totally out of character.

The collage piece is Gabi Trinkaus. I thought it was fantastic!!! Its all collage from magazine clippings, really interestingly done as well, like the bit of shadowing just below her right tit (our left) if you look closely, is actually a cheek bone with lower eyelashes just visible, thought it was really interestingly done. To me sort of conveys this idea of the perfect woman, piecing together a whole new woman from beauty magazine glossy pics of already supposedly "perfect" women. It's a nice idea and well communicated.
The final piece is just something I found amusing :)

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