Saturday, 16 October 2010

"Sunday" at P3

So, Frieze was a bit of a bust, but on the good side of things, "Sunday" (because that's the only day it's not open) at P3 under the Baker Street Campus of U.O.Wesminster, was fantabulous!
It wasn't really explained, so I am only assuming that it was a student exhibtion, but some of the work was amazing, like the light angel- it let off this fantastic amount of heat so you really noticed it, it drew you in and occupied most of your sences.
It had a real presence and thats something I shan't be forgetting soon.
The show as a whole was really varried form really highly finsihed paintings, to some whimsical doodles, flawless photography and some reaaalllyyy interesting sculpture.
I think the P3 space is fanatasic anyway, and I can't wait to have our degree show there (Well, I can wait cos that means I will have graduated and frankly, thats a scary arse thing)
Anyway, you can't go see it now, it's finished, you missed out- losers.
:) x

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