Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I heard he had a tattoo on his scrotum

4feet Tall, 2 Feet Wide.
Grey Metal Gloss paint on 3mm MDF Board.
Blue, mixed Media.
Black acrylic Lining.
Finsished with a high gloss satin spray.
Displayed on a split mount. So raised about 2 inches from the surface of the wall as if hovering in an illuuuussiooonnn.

Backwards step with the paintings.
Going back to what I knew, what I liked, before the opinion of one woman made me hate what I was doing. But recent realizatons have lifted all that crap :D
Dunno what it is about this one but makes me think of dinosaurs?!
The blue is much more vibrant in real life, and unfortunatly the synthetic lights in the studio don't show it off as best it could be shown. I took it outside earlier today to Gloss it and in the natural light, even on a minging day like today, it just look 10 times better.

Didn't fill in the cells like have been doing, I liked it loose, sort of scaley and more spacey. I also like this elongated shape of board.

Anyway, lots more to come and lots shinier too.

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