Thursday, 3 November 2011

I feel like I'm in a fruit Bowl.

To the window- to the wall- Till the swea.....
44.5" x 20"
Window panel with old crusty wooden frame.
Wanted to make it look shiny and new :D
This is actually kinda cool because there are only two colours in this painting, but putting the colour on top of an behind the glass refracted and distorted it so it looks like a completely different colour. Seeing as I am colour obsessed this has blown my tiny mind.
Also have plans to paint a third colour onto the wall behind it, mirroring some of the shapes.

In other news, today I learned I have  the neurological disorder Alice In Wonderland Syndrome, how very exciting for me. It is completely harmless- something about all that acid I dropped in the '70's. Ha.
Much love
Your faithful Ho xx

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