Monday, 7 November 2011

Stop throwing poo at fans please.

81.5 " x 98 " (3 Panels all the dimensions of a domestic door)
Mixed Media- Acrylics, Emuslions, Glosses, Varnishes...the Kitchen sink.

Found these shitty panels laying about the studio, thought they should be mine. So warped and crappy (double ply MDF, bent buckled, massive holes, staples hanging out holding the boards on) so thought I'd just fix them a little and try out some stuff on them, bit of an experimental one (thought everyone is suspish that this wasn't my intention, genuinely was).

SO just painted them up, tried out different things, some areas work really nice and some look like arse. Camera doesn't pick it up well but in some areas of the yellow theres the same yellow painted over but with gloss, messes with your eyeballs, kinda like that. Also, I like that there's no black! Shocker. All the colours are mixed and basically variations on the same pink and yellow.
I don't like the white lining.
I don't like the bits filled in with white.
I like the travel of the lines.
I like how they're doors- Gary Humes' door series, who we all know I consider as GOD.

Today I pissed several people off.
Today I was very pissed off.
Well, I got in from work 30mins ago and have to be back in 6hours45. So that's all you're getting.
Hare Krishna
Ho x

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